In preparation of World Suicide Prevention Day 2022

WSPD 2022

World Suicide Prevention Day

10th September is World Suicide Prevention Day, which is a single day where everyone is encouraged to be more aware of the subject and raise awareness that suicides can be prevented.

It is organised by the International Association for Suicide Prevention, and their webpages can be found here .

The United Nation's World Health Organisation (WHO) estimate that annually, over 700,000 people end their own life and there are many more who attempt to suicide.

The reasons or motivating factors which might lead someone to reach the point that they have moved to a point of suicidal intention are varied and complex, with no two indiviuals having had exactly the same journey to that decision point.

As a Police Association, our members are engaged throughout the police family and might be called to deal with a suicidal incident or the immediate aftermath.

For example, colleagues in forward facing roles such as neighbourhood policing and response might be called to the scene of a person in crisis on a bridge over a motorway or fast road; or at a position of danger on a multi-storey car park or cliff edge.

Members who are police Hostage & Crisis Negotiators are called out multiple times each year, and all all times to day to speak with and listen to people in crisis, seeking to understand what has brought that person to this location and then seek to work with them to try and help them come back to a position of safety and help.

Still other colleagues will attend locations where a member of the public has found a loved one, a friend or a stranger after they have completed suicide, and then deal with the person with dignity. Complying with their duties on behalf off HM Coroners, but also having to notify family members and provide safeguarding support. And sadly, in some cases colleagues or ex colleagues end their lives through suicide

Suicide as a subject touches us all. As members of the police, it is part of our jobs too.


Knowing that Gypsies and Travellers are much more likely to suicide than the average for the majority population is a double-whammy for us, and is something we are all keen to do much more about.

What are we doing in 2022?

This year, we will once again be working with others in partnership to improve the conversation about Suicide and Suicide Intervention within GRTSB communities. We will be providing training inputs and helping others build and deliver these.

We will also be there, doing out jobs and waiting to be called to try and make a difference. To try to save a life.

And sadly we will be there in 'the afterwards', doing our best to help those bereaved by suicide.

Please check out our Suicide Awareness pages for links to other charities and organisations 


Remember, if you or a loved one or friend is experience an immediate crisis then as well as other support, the Police are there to help and try to save lives. 

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